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This is your invitation to know what you are. To feel ALL of it, and let it unravel. To create a mess that you don’t clean up. To savor the blood, and sweat, and prayer of it all. To howl with longing and be heard.

This is your invitation to not do this alone. To feel the dirt underneath your feet, the ache of your sex, and to encourage the voice that has been speaking inside you.

Tell her she is not crazy.
Tell her to yell.

Offer her a throne, whether it is made of branches, of silk, or the hair and bones of the women who have suffered before you and chosen LIFE

Do you choose the rules
or the truth?
The script
or who you are?

Are you Feral?

Wild is not what it has been advertised to be. It is not dirty in a corner, snarling…It is fully alive and fully aligned. It is honoring your intuition, your flavor, your essence, your YES and your NO. It is being sourced by your sex, your belly, and your hunger. It is surrendering your heart open to the will of life. It is tender, beautiful, large, looming with rage, and sweetness. It is the quiet and the dark and the light and the loud.

It is you without a bit in your mouth.

This is your invitation-friend, sister, beloved. If we are to move forward it must be as a force. A spark is too easy to put out, but a wildfire?A wildfire destroys and recreates landscapes. It is time to burn down the false images of our idealized selves and to pray to our essence instead

We must make it safe to come out
By coming together
By learning together
By choosing to be fully alive.

Align with your essence

Work with me.

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