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Well done! You fucking did it! You checked all the boxes. You became the person you were supposed to be. You are responsible, dependable and nurturing. A woman whom others lean on. And now you are looking around your own life wondering when it will include you. How did your world turn into a cage of to-do lists and obligations? Why do you feel like your life and relationships are more about maintenance then toe curling pleasure? Why can’t you remember the last time you laughed so hard you peed a little?

When did you disappear?

You may not fully grasp it yet, but large, luminous, lives are not just for women thinner, richer, or younger than you are. You were meant to be BIG! WILDLY alive! Whole.

Deep under the demand to “keep it together,” is an inner voice whispering that it’s unsafe to let go. Perhaps it tells you that pursuing your own happiness is selfish. You should wait to know who you actually are until the children are grown, your business is stable, your cat gets neutered etc. You don’t get to fully live until your life is organized into neat little containers. But the joke is, nothing will never be perfectly in place. Are you daring to explore what’s possible, or are you being trampled by your “shoulds?”

Who am I to issue this invitation?

I am your guide and ally on this path. I have been bringing women home to themselves for 20 years. My path here has been non-linear, like most well-lived lives. I have howled at the moon, been saved by Qi-gong, and taken drugs with a therapist. I have smoked a peace pipe, flipped off a Shaman, learned and unlearned emotionally responsible language, danced with my shirt off in public, avoided marrying an Essene guru, fasted, pounded my pelvis into a mat, talked to the stars, done a psychic fair, shrieked, bawled, hit, laughed, and learned surrender. I’ve also studied body psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, energy work, and have been engaged in a deeper listening since I was 13.

In my work I will help you murder your good girl. We will evaluate the root system of who you have become and recreate it based on YOUR desires. We will relax into our surrender, “revel in our haunches,” match our insides to our outsides, and find integration through it all… of our wildness, our femininity, the parts of us that society has told us is too much.

Are you sick of pretending and trying to “keep it together?” Do you want to know what’s possible? Are you aching to become who you are?

It all begins with one brave conversation.

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